About Us

Our Story

Hi!! My name is Victoria [aka Plum] and I am the founder of Plum's Personalised Gifts.

I would describe Plum's Personalised Gifts as a unique and affordable online personalised gift shop for all occasions.  It was so important to me that customers would be able to get customisable and stylish gifts at affordable prices.

I started my 'Plum's' journey shortly after my son was born as I realised I really couldn't imagine going back to work 44+ hours a week and leaving him! I am a qualified Interior Architect/Designer and although I loved my job it was very demanding. I decided it would be best to take a career break from my 'degree job' to allow me to focus on pursuing my own ambitions.

I started Plum's Personalised Gifts early 2020 and followed with its sister brand Plum's Finn and Co, which is Plum's very own Personalised Luxury Children's Clothing Brand. 

The idea for 'Finn & Co' came about 1 month after starting Plum's Personalised Gifts, and my family thought I was crazy! Starting the first business seemed crazy enough but wanting to start another and have the two almost simultaneously seemed a bit ambitious! However, I was sure I could make it work. Always follow your dreams and never doubt yourself, if you can imagine it you can make it happen, all it takes is hard work and determination.

If there is products you would like me to do that you don’t see on my website, please ask, I will be more than willing to design something for you and add it to the range. I will always continue to add new designs and ranges to the online shop.

Thank you for supporting a dream and a small business.


Plum ♥